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Carry out an important job in the morning that will bring in a lot of money. The cell phone rings: “Where is my order from last week?” Oh that’s me Minutes later the second call: “Can I have the templates for the advertising again? Unfortunately the e-mail is gone. “The Marketing department does that! Damn, that’s me too. Shortly afterwards, the doorbell rings again: “The invoice is wrong.” Customer service does that! Oh, that’s me again.

The morning is now over and the important new customer order is gone! There just wasn’t enough time to work on it. Does it have to be that way? With good software for small businesses, inquiries from customers and suppliers are dealt with faster and, above all, without errors thanks to automatisms and workflows. The calculation is correct and the cash flow is in flux.

Here are 9 relevant CRM providers in a quick check. In addition to the functions, the focus of the market overview is on the topics of data protection and service. Issues that just have to sit and run for SMEs. The market comparison is particularly suitable for finding the relevant providers for your shortlist.

The right CRM: market overview for SMEs

providers Freeware test Price for cloud Support TecArt TecArt CRM Free permanently for 0 € Live demo and 30 days of free Cloud CRM, From 37 € per user / month Incl. 24/7 support flat in German, manual ZOHO CRM Zoho CRM Free for 3 users 15 days trial version From $ 12 per user per month Chat, FAQ and manual 1CRM Free on-premise version for installation up to 3 users Live demo and test for € 15 in the cloud From € 12 per user per month 24/7 support in German and manual Salesforce no 30 days free test system From € 25 per user per month 24/7 support, manual Scopevisio no 30 days free test system From € 59.95 per user per month 24/7 support in German, manual Pipedrive no 14 days free test system From € 12.50 per user per month 24/7 support, manual High drive no 30 days free test system From $ 24 per user per month Ticket system, manual Freshsales ka 21 days free test system From $ 12 per user per month 24/7 support, ticket system, manual Weclapp no 30 days free test system From € 15 per user per month By phone from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays


The German cloud CRM pioneer has been offering award-winning customer management solutions for 20 years. Version 5.0 TecArt CRM Pro has been established on the market since March 2020. With the help of the modular system, customers book the required modules to match their budget. A constant expansion is possible at any time. The evaluations and references show that customers improve their internal and external corporate communication and react more quickly to customer inquiries. Thanks to various options for automating standard daily tasks, costs will be saved after the introduction.


ZOHO is very flexible with a wide range of functions. It offers many interfaces and the web-based software is free for small teams. Extensive features for large plans and fast support complete the package. Only the operation is complex and requires a long training.


Open source software that optionally makes your data available from the secure cloud. This gives you your own computing capacity. All areas of customer management are covered, so it is well suited for use by SMEs. It also has good support for customers with a free version for small businesses. Unfortunately, there are only a few interfaces.


Salesforce is the market leader in the field of CRM systems – suitable for medium-sized and larger companies due to the large range of functions and many interfaces. Because of the complex operation, extensive preparatory work and high prices, even for entry-level models, it is less favored for SMEs.


Less suitable as pure CRM software, as the strengths of Scopeviso only fully emerge in the interaction with ERP and ECM modules. The user interface is clear and the support is good. Unfortunately there are only a few interfaces. In addition, there are extra costs for basic functions.


Lean CRM software with a focus on sales management. Many interfaces and a fair price model characterize this CRM. In addition, it offers good usability and decent support and is suitable for all teams – not just for SMEs. However, there is a lack of depth in reporting, for example, and there is no social listening.

High drive

CRM software for start-ups and SMEs with clear, very lean structures. There are many interfaces that are easy to use. All in all, an inexpensive system for beginners. However, it is not a complete CRM software, but the functionality is manageable. Unfortunately, the software is only available in English and without Social CRM.

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The software has innovative functions, but also standards such as a telephone function from freshsales directly to the customer. Intuitive operation is possible as well as the free provision of the software for small teams. Unfortunately, there are no interfaces, and inflexible tariffs are a disadvantage for the applications that are not free of charge.


Especially good and extensive CRM software for SMEs with many solutions in the area of ​​customer and contact management with connected ERP software. Completely German development with servers in Germany. Unfortunately no free version is available. Some additional functions are also chargeable.

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