Why you shouldn’t do without AI in your CRM

The fact is: CRM systems have been contributing to the success of many companies for some time. Now, however, an aspect comes into play that will have a decisive influence on your future corporate success: AI (Artificial Intelligence) in CRM.

Because according to a Google study, in five years, those companies that have relied on artificial intelligence at an early stage will benefit significantly. Because they will then use machine learning at such a high level that other companies will hardly or no longer be able to achieve it. Therefore, now is the time to start with an AI-integrated CRM.

Your customers generate a large amount of data with every contact with your company, with every purchase. This data is a valuable treasure. Because they enable you to communicate with your customers at the optimal time and to send them suitable offers when they are looking for them or need them. However, the amount of data is growing so fast that this vast mountain of data has become a major challenge for many companies.

The consequence of this development: It is no longer enough to use just one CRM solution to optimally design customer experiences.

AI can help

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems help with this dilemma. Because with them you can efficiently handle the ever-increasing amounts of data in your company and also receive relevant decision-making bases.

An example: anticipating customer churn. Sales managers and employees often have difficulties in providing reliable estimates. AI, on the other hand, can provide reliable predictions if it is based on high-quality data sources, e.g. B. ERP and CRM data, data from social media, etc. can access.

Ideally, AI should not only be used in CRM in sales, but along the entire customer lifecycle. In this way, all the processes involved can be automated and decisions can be supported by valid forecasts. That brings unbeatable advantages. And these benefits mean that more and more companies are implementing AI-integrated CRM tools.

More efficiency, more sales, less costs

Relying on artificial intelligence and machine learning is worth it. Because this improves the ability to plan, sales are concluded faster and efficiency increases.

If you use an AI-integrated CRM, you have the opportunity to develop a lead that can hardly be made up for your company. Because AI in CRM enables you to increase sales by predicting customer behavior so that you can get the right offer to your customers at the right time. It enables you to improve customer loyalty by being able to carry out the right marketing campaigns at the optimal time. And it brings you significant cost reductions through automated processes.

AI in CRM as an opportunity

Last but not least, AI turns CRM into an even more powerful system. So why forego it? After all, soon no company with a certain number of customers will be able to get along without AI-integrated CRM.

These companies will no longer manage customer service “manually”. On the one hand, CRM with AI becomes a necessity. But on the other hand: rather take the development as an opportunity!

Use the opportunities to use new sales potential for your company, increase customer loyalty and reduce costs. Take the chance now because the longer you wait, the more your company will fall behind all the others who jumped on that bandwagon earlier. Now is the time to implement AI in CRM.


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