Webinars in Corona times 5 ideas for your company


In order to keep business operations going in the current coronavirus crisis, webinars can make a big contribution. You don’t know what to do with the term? No problem, in our article you will find out everything you need to know.

A webinar is an online presentation. The words “web” and “seminar” result in the term webinar, which means: Communication independent of time and location is possible, while efficient knowledge is conveyed at the same time.

Webinar: Technical Requirements

With the help of suitable software and hardware, a seminar, training course or presentation can be held over the Internet. The three main components of a webinar usually consist of:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Presentation documents (e.g. PowerPoint slides)

Information is normally exchanged via webcam and microphone. What is said is recorded and transmitted live using a so-called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also known as IP telephony. It is also possible to communicate with each other via live chat. Participation can take place regardless of location, provided a stable internet connection is available. Usually webinars take place in real time, with a fixed start and end time and usually last between 60 and 90 minutes.

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Live version vs. on-demand webinar

Participants can ask questions during the lecture. A webinar thrives on interaction and discussion. If particularly high-quality content is offered during a webinar, the live version is usually chosen in order to suggest exclusivity. Subject areas such as marketing or sales are particularly popular here. As a rule, participants have to register and log in for an upcoming webinar.

In addition to the live version, there is also the so-called on-demand webinar. This is recorded in advance and can be accessed as often as required at a later point in time. This type of webinar is particularly suitable for evergreen content. Means something like: timeless topics. For example, in order to offer time-independent further training, an on-demand webinar should be chosen. In turn, you can only interact with a live version, i.e. ask questions or join the discussion.

Use webinars in times of Corona

A webinar over the World Wide Web is not only ideal for internal and external business communication. It can be used in various areas, especially in times of the Corona crisis. In addition to important press conferences and webinars on lead generation, job interviews can also be held in groups or online interviews with several people. Schools are currently closed all over Germany. In this situation too, a webinar can even function as a virtual classroom.

The world feels at a standstill at the moment. Companies of all types and sizes have justified existential fears at this point in time. However, webinars can now provide a remedy.

  • For example, you could introduce, explain or advertise already known products that your company manufactures or sells.
  • With just one webinar, it is possible to generate content for multiple platforms (if you also record it).
  • You can also ask your customers to express questions and requests and thus build trust. This will enable you to respond better and more specifically to the wishes of your customers in the future. In this way your company may receive valuable suggestions for improvement or it may even be made aware of a source of error that was not yet known. All of this can significantly increase your customer loyalty.
  • It is also conceivable to work on new ideas with your employees and colleagues, for example relating to the range or a refined sales strategy that should be implemented after the corona epidemic.
  • But interpersonal relationships can also be an issue. How about a team building webinar or a vote in which beer garden we will go together next time? Employees can be re-coached and brought up to date so that the feeling of belonging remains.

Ultimately, each of us must be aware that this tense situation will come to an end at some point. We are not alone in this time and if we all pull together, both on an interpersonal and a business level, we will make it out of this crisis together.

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