Tips for using barcode scanners in warehouse management

Modern barcode systems are a relief to ensure fast, clear and less error-prone goods management. Because the greater the effort involved in storing goods, the faster it becomes confused – a small mistake can have costly consequences. A good barcode system may be the solution here. We’ll give you a few tips on how to do this.

Goods management is a fragile system

Regardless of the size, location of the warehouse and the variety of goods, administration is time-consuming and error-prone. Incorrect storage of goods can have a negative impact on the entire chain of consequences. This often results in complex post-processing that costs time and manpower.

Attention: Be careful with incorrect deliveries of goods

If the warehouse is used for external goods, an incorrect delivery of goods can also have legal consequences. Performs e.g. B. the wrong issue of goods for a production stop at the delivery location, claims for the production stop can be asserted.

Why barcodes are useful for warehouse management

A comprehensive barcode system is helpful on several levels:

  • Fast receipt of goods
  • Comprehensive overview of goods
  • Inexpensive management system

All incoming and outgoing goods can be booked into the merchandise management system in a short time using a barcode scanner. The data can then be called up and edited from any location. This allows a cross-location administration, which connects cooperating companies with each other on request.

The right software can be adapted to an existing merchandise management system. All types of data can be processed via individually designed interfaces.

How is a barcode scanner system integrated?

The main cost burden for the acquisition is divided into these areas:

  • Hardware – barcode printer and barcode scanner software
  • Interface programming

In order to use a recording system that is tailored to their own requirements, companies should buy barcode scanners that can be used flexibly. A comprehensive analysis of the goods management shows how many scanners are required. This also shows in which areas it makes sense to use it.

Use of barcode scanners: train the employees

Another advantage of the barcode system is that it is easy to use. The barcodes can be integrated into the current goods management without any problems.

In-house training is required for creating the barcodes. These can be populated with the individually required information. What the information output looks like depends entirely on various factors, such as: B .:

  • Type of goods
  • Storage location
  • Quantity of goods
  • Duration of storage

Amortize the cost of purchasing a barcode scanner

Despite the low acquisition costs of barcode scanners, the conversion of an entire chain of goods can result in significant total costs. However, minimizing sources of error and optimizing storage and transport options offer great savings potential. It is not necessary to reduce the number of staff in order to ensure effective cost savings – an important point that is particularly important in small and medium-sized companies.

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