The New Google Update Pass the test or go under

In less than 2 weeks the time has come: The mobile optimization of your website decides on the Google ranking factor! From April 21st, Google will be launching a new update and we all have to prepare carefully for it. In order not to miss any important steps, simply memorize the following measures and then nothing can actually go wrong!


First place in Google mobile search: 5 tips

1. Use responsive web design

Adapt your content and templates to the display size of the mobile devices.

2. Pay attention to left positioning

Set links at clear intervals and try to avoid link overload.

3. No zooming and no scrolling

Don’t play with the zoom! The page should also be operable without horizontal zooming and scrolling.

4. Avoid flash

Try to avoid any software (such as Flash) that is unusual for mobile devices.

5. Lead quickly to the goal

Make it easy for customers! You should get to your destination quickly without having to take long detours.

Already ready? Then take the Google test!

With the help of Google’s mobile usability test, you can analyze whether your website is mobile friendly or not. If you are not there yet, there are numerous tips and step-by-step instructions that will lead you to success.


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