The most popular passwords in Germany

Which passwords are used the most in Germany? Why are strong passwords so important? And what can I do to protect myself from hackers on the Internet?

Jolanta Balciene gives answers to these questions in an interview. She is Head of Marketing at NordPass and has almost fifteen years of experience in various marketing areas. She is an expert in marketing strategy, customer acquisition / retention, team leadership and branding.

MRS BALCIENE, why are strong passwords so important?

Nobody doubts they need a good lock for their house. And passwords are the key to our digital home. Strong passwords help us protect our accounts and ensure that our private and personal information stays private. The more complex our passwords are, the more difficult it is to crack them using various dictionary and other types of attacks.

If you are not sure about the strength of your password, you can always check it with a password check on the Internet. For example, “123456” can be cracked in less than a second, but “B ^ 2Me! QeqLdd” would take 3 years.

What are the most frequently used passwords in Germany?

In our study from 2020 we see that Germans really like numbers. Because the most popular passwords were combinations of numbers that were easy to guess. This includes these top 3 passwords: “123456”, “123456789”, and “12345678”.

The favorites also included many football-related passwords such as “schalke”, “schalke04”, “bayern”, “dortmund”, as well as personal names such as “daniel”, “florian”, “christian”.

According to the research, “darling” was used 52,575 times as a password, and “ichliebedich” – 35,109 times.


How can I protect myself from hackers on the Internet?

No one can be 100% safe online, but there are a few steps you can take to maximize your safety online.

  • We recommend going through all of your existing accounts and deleting those that you no longer use. Unused accounts can pose a security risk. Chances are, you won’t even notice when the account is being hacked. You should regularly check each of your accounts for suspicious activity. If you notice anything unusual, change your password immediately.
  • It’s important to use complicated passwords to protect your accounts. Ideally, all passwords should be 12 characters long, contain numbers, characters, and upper and lower case letters. It’s also a good idea to use a password generator to make sure they are impossible to guess.
  • We also recommend keeping strong and complex passwords in a password manager. Strong passwords lose their strength if they are stuck on a sticky note on your computer where everyone can see them.
  • Use MFA (multi-factor authentication) whenever possible. Whether it’s an app, biometrics, or a hardware security key, your accounts will be a lot more secure when you add that extra layer of protection.

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Ms. Balciene, thank you for the interview.

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