The mobile office with practical apps for smartphones

Powerful mobile devices and smart apps make it possible

Whereas in the past, pocket wearers dreamed of being able to move their work without major means of transport, today’s mobile managers largely don’t even have a back pocket. What for? Modern entrepreneurs don’t even put their smartphones and tablets in their pockets. You can work with it anywhere, when you feel like it, online and offline and extremely efficiently.

Small with power like big ones

Mail and calendar functions, notebooks and sound recording have long been part of the basic equipment of smartphones and the like, whose performance is equivalent to that of large computers, depending on the model. Comprehensive office programs are usually not a technical problem for the newer generation of devices. Only the small screens sometimes make editing tables, presentations or documents a zoom adventure.

The best apps are there for everyone

Anyone who really works a lot on the move is well advised to get a tablet. If you only want to edit documents, tables and presentations on the go with your mobile phone every now and then, the common smartphones are completely sufficient. In the meantime, nobody has to make compromises when it comes to choosing a device and the associated operating system. The clever apps are conveniently available for download for the Android and iOS operating systems, both extensively and conveniently.

Spreadsheet by smartphone

For Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Microsoft Office 365 is very popular as an app with the largest range of features and a reasonable price-performance ratio. iPhone users download this app via i-Tunes. The app for the Android operating system can be downloaded from the Google Store. The application can access documents stored in Office 365, Share Point or SkyDrive. In order to be able to create, edit and save documents on the move, Office 365 Small Business Premium is recommended as a subscription with around 100 euros per year. With the free version there is the possibility of making minor corrections to documents, tables and presentations.

Read and edit PDF on the go

Opening and reading PDF files has always been included with the iPhone. In addition, Adobe offers the mobile Adobe Reader for iOS and Android free of charge. With this app, it is even possible to fill out and virtually sign PDF forms interactively using a smartphone or tablet.

Online conference on the go

Apps that enable online conferences are also useful components for the mobile office. TeamViewer is considered safe and convenient here. With its meeting app available for iOS and Android users, participants in online meetings can connect to the relevant meeting after entering their meeting ID from their mobile device. The free TeamViewer app for mobile devices is available from i-Tunes and the Google Store.

No chance for Android spies

A security app that scans downloads for potential security risks is also highly recommended. When installing smartphone apps, users often grant companies unread more extensive rights than are absolutely necessary. The Permission Watcher is available for Android from the Google Play List. Unfortunately, there is currently nothing comparable for iOS. So iPhone users have to trust what i-Tunes has to offer or take the trouble to read license agreements before downloading apps.

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