The ideal keyword density & WDF * IDF optimization

Google has become one of the most important research tools in the online world for prospects and customers. Therefore, the most important thing for every entrepreneur who wants to use his website as a contact point for new customers is to be at the top of Google. One of the most important factors is the so-called keyword density. The keyword density describes how often a term (the search word, search phrase) occurs in a text.

You should therefore ask yourself the following question: Is the number of keywords on my website enough for Google or are there too many?

Yes, you read that right, because a lot doesn’t really help a lot! If keywords are repeated too often, so-called keyword stuffing (accumulation) can occur, which in turn means that you no longer rank well. Google punishes such content and categorizes it as spam (spam penalty).

Your most important search terms (keywords), with which your website text is to be found on Google, must be used carefully. Professional studies and recommendations for an optimal keyword density vary between 2% and 7% on the Internet. If, for example, your text with 1000 words is to be listed at the top of the search query for “Modellbau”, the term must appear 20 to 70 times in the text. There is no 100% rule. Since paraphrases and synonyms are always part of the language, it is logical that the number of keyword components exceeds the prescribed level.

Is the optimal keyword density sufficient for ranking?

No, because the Google algorithm is very complex and is constantly being further developed. Fine details, such as the position of the keyword, also play a role in the ranking on Google. If, for example, the search term only appears in the image titles or only in the lower half of the text, it is worth less. If the keyword appears in the main or subheading, it is given greater weighting.

An important factor is that keywords that appear on only a few pages are more appropriate than keywords that appear in almost every page. Despite the proven influence of keyword density, you shouldn’t just focus on this, because it is only one of many criteria.

TIP: The perfect keyword density will lose relevance over time. It’s all in the mix.

The current SEO trend: WDF * IDF

The new trend is a semantic WDF * IDF optimization of the texts. You can use a WDF * IDF tool to determine the perfect keywords that should ideally appear in your website content. Therefore, a unique content can always be perfected with a WDF * IDF analysis.

In addition to the keyword, the WDF * IDF also includes other relevant terms that should appear in the text. Simply compare the WDF * IDF values ​​of your text with those of your competitors, so you get an impression of what your text should contain.

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