That is why a good IT infrastructure is important for start-ups and SMEs

Information technology or IT is vital for both startups and SMEs. This area deserves the attention of your business leadership and is ignored at your own risk. Smaller companies in particular benefit enormously from IT service provided by a competent IT service provider.

Information technology in an SME

The business area is established, the company has a customer base and has established its processes. Information technology is introduced at various points. Often, however, the entire information processing has grown without a comprehensive plan. It is precisely then that a considerable process optimization can often be achieved with integrated IT.

Information technology in a start-up

A start-up focuses on a new business idea that you want to implement with your company. If information processing plays an essential role in this idea, you will implement it yourself. If this is not the case, it is often neglected because there are no experts in this area available in a still small start-up.

Information technology requirements for both types of businesses

An overall solution is required for the IT infrastructure, which must be adapted to the business model of your company. Today, information processing encompasses all processes in an organization. This includes communication within the company and externally, commercial bookkeeping and, what is becoming increasingly important, the data protection-compliant storage of all data. For both an SME and a start-up, it is hardly possible any more to cope with the challenges of the market today and especially in the future without carefully planned and developed information technology.

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The IT service provider as a capable partner for your company


Every company is different and has different information processing needs. At the beginning there has to be an analysis of all data flows in the company. It is this information that has to be processed by the technical solution selected. Instead of individual solutions for individual problems introduced side by side, the goal must be an integrated overall solution.

Draft the system

To do this, it must be determined which functions will be kept in your company and which will be outsourced. These decisions boil down to cloud integration. Today the solution will usually be in a hybrid cloud. The provisions of the GDPR must be included in this design from the start.

Choice of hardware

This choice affects not only the end devices for the users, but also the servers and other parts of the infrastructure for communication and information flow. This also includes, for example, the telephone system, which, depending on the situation in your company, can be implemented via the landline network or the Internet. It is particularly important to select devices that will continue to form a stable basis for the productivity of information processing in the near future. These aren’t always the cheapest devices, but getting the right equipment is ultimately much cheaper and more sensible in the long run. The future growth of your company should also be included in these considerations.

Constant support

An IT infrastructure is only as good as it functions smoothly and reliably in the company. To do this, it must first be installed and configured correctly. But then you also need a reliable system administration, which also includes efficient monitoring and reporting.

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