Stickers, Labels & Co – 10 Ways To Remove Them [Infographic]

Do you know that too? You try to detach the label of a product, but in the end half of it is still stuck to the object and unsightly adhesive residue has been added. It seems like scratching and tugging at the paper only makes it worse. Especially when the label is supposed to go, it stays rock solid!

If customers should complain like this or similar about excessive adhesive strength and annoying adhesive residues on your products, you can score points with the following budget resources and tips:

10 ways to remove labels without leaving any adhesive residue

Below are the 10 best ways to remove labels and their adhesive residue. With a little patience, all residues can be removed!

But be careful: Please note which agent suits the respective product and object. If the object and its material or surface are very sensitive, it is better to use a gentle agent.

1. Gasoline

The number 1 with which to remove adhesive residues is and remains petrol. Of course, the solvent should be handled carefully. Use the agent sparingly with an old cloth to remove the adhesive residue.

2. Orange cleaner

The more environmentally friendly variant is the use of orange cleaner. The agent is available in almost every drugstore and can be used for other everyday cleaning work. Just like with gasoline, the orange cleaner is applied to a cloth to remove the adhesive residue from a label.

3. Tape

Do you want adhesive residue to be removed with the help of adhesive tape? Yes! And so good that this helper is in third place. Place the tape over the part of the label you want to remove, press the tape into place, and then pull it away from the product with one jerk.

4. Eraser

The eraser – everyone has it at home! Don’t you? Then take another look around: whether it’s your own child, your desk in the office or the secret hobby draftsman alias neighbor – an eraser can always be found. With the eraser you can easily erase the glue residue!

5. Label with warm water & detergent

The simple and classic variant is in 5th place. With this method, you should use the water sparingly, because if it is an electronic device, the cleaning action could cause damage.

6. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is another good cleaning agent. No, not for drinking, cooking or baking, but for cleaning. To do this, squeeze a lemon and use the lemon juice as a solvent to remove glue residue.

7. Butter, margarine & salad oil

In seventh place are butter, margarine and salad oil. Due to the high proportion of oleic acids and fat, the agents remove glue residues quickly and easily. In addition, almost every household has at least one of these products at home and therefore immediately at hand.

8. Creams & soaps

Oil-based creams and soaps can not only help to care for our skin, but also to remove labels and their adhesive residue.

9. Warmth & heat

Take advantage of the sun! If you put products in a sunny place, the label can heat up and is easier to peel off. Again, as with gasoline, caution is advised again: Is the product suitable for exposure to intense heat or heat? For example, there are maximum temperatures for electronic devices that must not be exceeded.

10. Label loosener

The label remover is in 10th place. Because with stubborn labels and their adhesive residues, there is ultimately only one thing left to do: the special solvent for professional use.

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