Relaxation at work It works with these office gadgets

Interesting and funny gadgets can spice up the dreary everyday work a little. From the cup that easily mixes the coffee with milk and sugar on Monday mornings to the praise card that keeps motivation high. We have put together a selection of useful bells and whistles for the office.

This makes work easier

With the folder pillow, the phrase “put in the files” takes on a whole new meaning. Just put yourself to the file when the mountain of paper becomes too overwhelming. It’s still there later. Of course, it is also suitable for a little nap during the break. If you don’t want to leave your pillow in the office, but also want to take a little nap on the way to work, you should use a tie with an inflatable pillow. Looks chic, nobody recognizes it and can easily be inflated at any time if the sandman strikes again. Goes with every suit!

The coffee makes the day!

Once in the office, the first course goes to the coffee machine. But so early in the morning the walk to the kitchen is too tedious for a spoon or even to stir. That’s why there is the self-stirring mug! Press the button and see how the coffee mixes itself with milk and sugar. So that the coffee doesn’t get cold afterwards, once you get an overview of the chaos of work, simply place it on the USB cup warmer. It then keeps the black elixir of life nice and warm.

For the hot days, of which there should be a few more a year, a nice cold lemonade is ideal. But where from when the refrigerator is so far away? Now only one USB space has to be free and then you can plug in the USB refrigerator. There is only room for one can, but it is pleasantly cool. This is how summer can be endured in the office!

Motivate sustainably!

When the boss arrives with a praise card, you are much more motivated in the matter. A compliment ranging from impressive, flawless, perfect to exemplary and exceptional can be signed on the card and given to the employee. Also suitable for colleagues who saved the day again. So relaxed and motivated, the work is even easier!

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