Protection against data loss How to keep your documents safe

Important contracts, well-kept company secrets or customer data: in every company there are documents that are particularly worth protecting. Losing them would be a disaster for a company. Security measures that prevent unauthorized access to these files – or digital copies – are therefore essential.

Data protection is a topic that is firmly anchored in the general awareness and that companies must also embrace. Acting carelessly here can hardly be afforded these days. The loss of important data would certainly result in the loss of various business partners and customers. But what can you do to avoid this?

The safe deposit box: safe, but not suitable for every purpose

Renting a safe deposit box in a bank and storing company documents there is of course an extremely secure option. Because such a safe is subject to banking secrecy.

Only the owner of the compartment knows what is in it.

And only he can access it, because he only has to identify himself to get into the anteroom. Theft can therefore be ruled out with the exception of a bank robbery. And even in this exceptional case, it can be assumed that the perpetrators are more interested in other things.

Safe deposit box: Impractical for day-to-day business

However, the safe deposit box is not suitable for all documents and records. Because some of them are constantly needed in day-to-day business. Going to the bank every time is of course not possible. Another solution has to be found for such data that is used on a daily basis.

Practical solution: your own safe

Regardless of whether documents are in paper form or as digital media: There are suitable safes for both variants in which they can be effectively protected against theft. These safes can be equipped with either key locks or combination locks.

Theft and fire protection

A great advantage of such document and data safes is that they not only protect against unauthorized access. Even in the event of a fire, its contents are reliably protected from damage. In order to receive a fire protection seal, they have to pass standardized tests. The specified fire protection time is determined by independent institutes such as the VdS, so that there are certified values. You can get the safes either in specialist shops or from online retailers. It is important to note that the safes come from well-known brands.

NAS vs. cloud

It is not advisable to save backup copies to an Internet storage location for particularly sensitive data. The following applies to data in the cloud:

There is too great a risk of them falling into the wrong hands.

If you still want to save an additional version, you should do so in an internal storage location. Accessing a NAS (Network Attached Storage) from the outside is much more difficult.

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