Protect your website or your e-shop against attacks from the web

When it comes to website security, the keyword “redundancy” is mentioned again and again. Many companies protect their data centers against failures with emergency power generators. In the event of a DDoS attack, however, the expensive and redundant connection, infrastructure and physical security are of no use. The website may not be accessible even though everything seems to have been done correctly – apart from the DDoS protection, which was disregarded.

More and more reports are being made about websites that can no longer be accessed for days due to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. The victims are authorities, daily newspapers and often also web shop operators. For medium-sized entrepreneurs in e-commerce, an attack of this kind means damage that can hardly be borne financially. In addition, the good reputation of a company is at stake, because the website is the calling card in the WorldWideWeb.

The failures are caused by an overload of the server on which the website is running. First of all, the attacker infects several thousand computers with Trojans or so-called bots and thus forms an attacker network. If the actual attack then takes place, all infected computers call up the victim’s website and block the server with their huge number of requests. The website can then no longer be reached.

The more attackers, the greater the threat

The bandwidth with which the attacking bot network hits the server is decisive for the effectiveness of an attack. The following applies: The more computers involved in the attack, the higher the bandwidth of the attack. A website structure can be completely blocked with an average bandwidth.

The number of DDoS attacks has increased in recent years, which is also due to the fact that it is easily possible for any Internet user to initiate an attack on a website himself. Bot networks do not have to be created yourself, but can be obtained from relevant websites.

Such an attack is often related to white-collar crime – anything is possible, from blackmail to attacking a competing company. Often, however, it is also personal intentions, such as an unjustified dismissal in the eyes of the person concerned, personal aversion or the desire for recognition in the hacker scene, which lead to an attack.

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This is how the protection works

Many entrepreneurs believe that their website or e-shop is already protected from such attacks by the firewall and therefore neglect the topic of DDoS attacks. This has often resulted in unforeseen damage that could have been prevented with the right safety precautions.

There are companies that specialize in defending against DDoS attacks. Effective solutions are placed in front of the website seeking protection. The incoming traffic is analyzed – if an attack is detected, the defense mechanism takes place: The attackers are excluded and only the “clean” data transfer is allowed to pass the protection solution and access the website. Because the protection mechanism works as a cluster solution, there is no need to move the server. This saves time and costs.

The DDoS protection solution intercepts the attack in the "defense cluster" and only allows the cleaned traffic to get through to the website.The DDoS protection solution intercepts the attack in the “defense cluster” and only allows the cleaned traffic to get through to the website.

The DDoS attack scenarios are constantly changing. It is therefore important that the DDoS protection solution is updated again and again. Some DDoS protection solutions take up to several hours during an attack to fully start the protection process. For target groups such as online retail, this would not be acceptable.

The “most intelligent” DDoS protection solutions available on the market work with very sophisticated filter technologies that guarantee a high “purity” of the filter result, because after all, the Internet pages should remain optimally accessible to all legitimate users during a DDoS attack. In connection with this, the DDoS protection should also be very transparent, so that you can see for yourself that no legitimate users are being blocked. In addition, customizable search engine compatibility is very important for most businesses.

Companies are particularly vulnerable

Internet-dependent companies, associations and institutions are particularly dependent on well thought-out and reliable protection against DDoS attacks, because even a short outage can result in a high loss of income and image. The data traffic is therefore divided into categories during a DDoS attack. Unwanted IP addresses are excluded, while desired and IP addresses with special rights have access to the page. So only the attackers are kept away; customers continue to come to the shop’s site.

Incidentally, the most expensive DDoS solutions available on the market are not always the best. There are certainly inexpensive DDoS protection solutions, so one can say: For most companies, DDoS protection can be cheaper than the (im) material damage caused by a DDoS attack. It is therefore recommended that website operators act responsibly and secure themselves with DDoS protection. The corresponding solutions not only protect against page failures, but also against loss of reputation, because the website is the flagship of a company.

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