Open Source Marketing These are the best tools

Today there are more companies and brands than ever before. Everyone tries to find new and creative ways to market their business as effectively as possible. But most companies have limited resources for marketing. Building and maintaining effective campaigns seems complicated, time-consuming and expensive …

Open source marketing offers a viable alternative to costly and often ineffective strategies and tools.

What do I even need marketing for?

Marketing is understood to mean strategies, methods and actions of a company in order to make a product visible to customers in the market. These include:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Offline marketing

All of these measures are essential for a business today. If done correctly, they will bring you satisfied customers and increasing profits! But many believe they don’t have enough time, money and knowledge for it. And most of them despair at the latest when it comes to the prices, the variety and the complexity of the necessary tools. But this is where open source marketing comes to our aid.

What is Open Source?

Open source are all programs whose source code is made public and freely accessible and usable by everyone. This results in the great advantages of open source tools:

  • Budget friendly
  • Adaptable to individual needs
  • All the data is yours

Well-known open source tools include Android, Wikipedia, WordPress or the marketing automation tool Mautic.

How can I use open source marketing successfully?

The first two steps in marketing are always business analysis and marketing strategy.

1. Business analysis

As an entrepreneur, here you ask yourself some important questions about your business, your products, your customers and the market:

  • Who are your clients
  • What problems do your customers have?
  • How do you solve your customers’ problems?
  • Where do you reach your customers?

The more you know, the more likely it is that you will succeed with your marketing strategy.

2. Marketing strategy

This is where you develop your marketing campaign and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do you generate traffic?
  • How do you generate leads?
  • How do you do lead nurturing?
  • How do you sell

EXTRA: In 4 steps to your marketing and sales strategy

In order to successfully implement your marketing strategy now, you need the appropriate tools.

3. Marketing tools

The common tools for marketing are usually expensive, often cannot do everything and are difficult to link with one another.

So it happens that we use too many tools, pay too much money for them and sink into absolute chaos.

Instead of concentrating on the essentials – offering our customers the best possible solution to their problems – we despair of the daily struggles with all the tools. Fortunately, there are now some good alternatives!

The best open source marketing tools for your business

Marketing and sales encompasses several areas. Depending on what you need for your business, the following open source tools are available to you:


To build your website, WordPress is “the place to go”. 40% of all websites worldwide are built with this CMS.


To do marketing properly, you need to track your website visitors and their behavior. A web analytics tool like Matomo is open source and GDPR safe.


Mautic is the first Open Marketing Cloud worldwide and offers you everything you need to:

  • manage your subscribers and customers
  • Send emails and newsletters
  • Build sales pages
  • to create fantastic sales funnels
  • to link all marketing channels with each other (emails, websites, pop-ups, push notifications, WhatsApp, Facebook chatbot, LinkedIn, etc …)

With its functions and ease of use, Mautic goes hand in hand with such extensive tools as Hubspot. In addition, it’s flexible and budget-friendly!

Suite CRM

SuiteCRM is a classic CRM tool. Here you can save all relevant customer data and use it for selling and building customer loyalty.


SocioBoard is a good alternative to programs like Buffer or Hootsuite. Here you can create, plan and analyze your social media posts.


With Jitsi you can hold online conferences, both on the desktop and mobile. It is therefore a wonderful alternative to programs like Zoom or Google Meet.

Do I need IT skills for open source marketing?

The nice thing about open source is that you have a choice.

You can download and install every program yourself, connect all the necessary services and then manage everything yourself. For this you need some IT skills.

Or: You decide on a managed version of the respective tool. That means someone else takes care of the installation, hosting and correct administration of the tool. These solutions cost a bit of money, of course, but are far cheaper than other tool alternatives and above all save you valuable time.

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