iPhone 11 models performance and comparison

In the iPhone generation from 2019, the iPhone 11 is the most important model. Its predecessor, the iPhone XR, developed into the best-selling smartphone from Apple. A special feature of the iPhone 11 is that the standard version will be slightly cheaper from product launch. It has also been technically upgraded. Apple offers several product versions of different powers, features, and sizes.

The models and their innovations

In addition to the regular iPhone 11, the manufacturer offers the more powerful iPhone 11 Pro and the slightly larger iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The standard model iPhone 11 has a screen of 6.1 inches and is available in 6 different colors. The three model variants differ in screen size.

  • The smaller Pro model has a display that measures 5.8 inches.
  • The larger Pro Max has a 6.5-inch screen.

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iPhone 11: camera

The improved cameras are a particular highlight of the new generation of models. The wide-angle lens is an innovation. This enables shots in which more than ever before fits into the picture. The regular iPhone 11 has 2 lenses, while the Pro models even have an additional lens. With this additional camera, a double optical zoom is possible.

A useful innovation in the camera settings is the automatic night mode. The device recognizes the onset of darkness and switches to night mode. This means that significantly brighter images are possible than with the previous model, even in poor lighting conditions. The front camera of the device takes pictures with up to 12 megapixels. It also has a resolution in the range of 4K in video mode.

Processor & battery life

As far as the processor of the new model generation is concerned, the powerful Apple A13 Bionic is used in all three product variants. This also enables the problem-free playback of demanding and graphically impressive games.

Apple has upgraded the battery life of the new product generation in all three models. Compared to the previous model, the battery of the iPhone 11 lasts about an hour longer in operation.

In comparison, the Pro models allow an even longer service life.

The iPhone 11 Pro can be used 4 hours longer than the XS. With the Pro Max model, the lead is around 5 hours.

Apple also delivers the Pro versions with a faster charger. A special addition is the annual subscription for the new Apple streaming service TV + when purchasing one of the new iPhone 11 models.

Performance and features compared to the competition

With the device, Apple is essentially competing with the high-end smartphones Huawei P30 and Samsung Galaxy S10. The competition also has different product versions of their flagships. The Apple iPhone 11 Pro is comparable to the P30 Pro from Huawei or the Galaxy S10 + from Samsung.

Apple, Samsung & Huawei: cameras in comparison

With regard to the cameras, all three flagships rely on individual cameras with different focal lengths and a practically loss-free zoom range.

As for the connections and, the concepts differed. While Apple relies on its Lightning connector, Samsung offers both USB Type-C and jack. Huawei only has a USB Type-C port. Apple and Huawei are therefore dependent on adapters in some cases. In view of the increasingly widespread use of Bluetooth headphones and wireless charging, this criterion is less important.

Apple, Samsung & Huawei: Storage capacity in comparison

The smartphone flagships also offer different concepts in terms of memory. Apple charges different prices for different internal storage sizes. An extension is traditionally not possible with the iPhone. Samsung offers a larger internal memory and inexpensive expansion. An expansion is also possible with Huawei, but this requires a more expensive format.

The differences between Apple, Huawei and Samsung in the product flagships tend to become smaller and smaller, which is also evident in the current product generation. The iPhone 11 scores in comparison with its long guaranteed software support and its excellent performance.

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