“I’m about to burst the collar. Is the economy blind?” [Comment]

Our blog was hacked for the second time in two months – that is, the source data was overwritten and it can no longer be found. By whom? Question mark! Why? Question mark! The only thing that is clear is that we have to invest time and money again to repair the damage. And: Our IT infrastructure has some security gaps that need to be identified and closed.

With us, the damage caused by the hacker attack is limited. Because in our day-to-day business we are not dependent on whether our blog is “running” or “not running”. In any case, it is only one of our “playgrounds” to try out certain things in the online and online marketing area.

Industry 4.0 – depending on the network!

But a cold shower overflows me when I think that what is currently being discussed under the heading of “Industry 4.0” will become reality, namely that in the future, for example, almost all production and distribution processes in companies will be network-based. What dangers do we have to face? What risks does our society expose itself to when, among other things, almost all processes that serve our basic needs (for example in the areas of nutrition, health and logistics / transport) depend on intact, stable and secure IT networks?

The big blackout: What follows is pure chaos

How quickly absolute chaos reigns in our society and everyone is only fighting for bare survival, for example when the servers of the energy suppliers are hacked and the power supply collapses, everyone gets a very vivid idea who reads the novel “Blackout” by Marc Elsberg . An exciting book! A terrifying book! A book that gives me great reservations about Industry 4.0 – precisely because it is so well researched and realistic. After all, there shouldn’t be only good people in our world, and from time to time there should also be conflicts between states. And what could be more obvious than to attack its vital IT infrastructure – quietly and secretly, from any office chair, just as some hackers have done on our website?

That should be very easy, especially in Germany, if the BND even helps foreign secret services to spy on German companies. When is the German economy finally crying out in this regard? I’ve been waiting for it for a very, very long time! Instead, she complains endlessly about any documentation requirements for the minimum wage. Are there no more existential issues for the German economy and its interest groups?

The horror scenario spun on …

The energy providers were hacked. The power supply collapses – and with it the Internet. How are things going now? We look forward to creative comments!

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