How to Get Big Backlinks 6 Tips


Do you want a larger reach, more traffic and a better ranking for your website? Then you need backlinks! We’ll show you how to get it.

Link buying & Co .: hands off!

Good quality backlinks are about as hard to come by as free, ad-free apps. Therefore, a systematic link building usually costs a lot of time, nerves and patience. So you need a good tactic so that you can get to them without buying links and other obsolete, questionable pull-ups.

That is why we are introducing a few strategies at this point to gain valuable backlinks. Because: In contrast to cold coffee, link buying & Co. does not make you beautiful.

1. Painting & handicrafts: design infographics

A successful infographic is a real magnet for visitors. Looks cool, offers interesting and entertaining information and is great to share – not only on social networks. So it’s no wonder that infographics are at the forefront of the content that website operators prefer to link to.

Your own subject, a current or funny topic of discussion or an overview of certain phenomena or tools – the choice of content is huge. Choose something and make something out of it.

2. Explain & tell: guest contributions & interviews

Every editorial page is happy to receive a guest contribution from an expert in his field. So use one or the other free half hour to write an article on certain topics from your business.

Then offer your texts to the editors of a portal or a blogger – unique and exclusive of course – and you can tap a backlink.

By the way, you can specifically find pages that publish guest posts using the Google search. With the appropriate keyword choice, you may even get directly to the guest author form. It works in the same way with sites that offer expert interviews, for example. Here, too, there is usually a win-win situation: backlink for you, unique content for others.

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3. Serving reputable mustard: testimonials

Do you deal with new software or hardware through your job and can you pass on valuable experience to others? Then do that! This is not only appreciated by users, but also by manufacturers. Therefore, a well-founded experience report can also be the key to the backlink.

At least as long as you don’t let the troll or the advertising fuzzy hang out! And: This type of content quickly turns out to be a viral long-running hit, which can be spread, for example, in Xing groups or via Facebook and Co.

4. Trick 404: Point out broken links

Are you Prince or Princess Charming and help others wherever you can? Then let site operators know if you discover a broken link. With a systematic search and a tool for identification, you can search through pages from your industry or your specialist area and draw attention to 404s. And now you have to let your charms play!

As an alternative to the damaged link, suggest linking to your own topic-relevant content. With a little luck you will earn a backlink this way, because you have done the site operator a good service. Maybe he’ll return the favor. And if not: Other mothers and fathers also have beautiful daughters and sons with pages full of broken links …

5. Press left juice: Internal links

Internal links can also indirectly help generate backlinks. By linking your content sensibly so that you can quickly and easily access other important information on a topic while reading it, you increase added value and usability.

This increases the likelihood that visitors to your site will appreciate this. The result: They link to your content because it is not only informative but also user-friendly. And by the way, the link juice bubbles through your website!

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6. Raise the bar: content advertising

Increase the reach of your content. Do not only post regularly via your social media channels, but also consider whether you would like to spend a certain budget, e.g. on Facebook, to push individual posts in a targeted manner.

With additional mailings and social bookmarking services, you can also bring your content to the public and generate backlinks to your content.

And otherwise?

What tips do you have for getting backlinks? What is possible, what is not possible? Or do you find the topic overrated?


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