How to choose the right MS Office version for your company

Basically, every company needs the usual office applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Co. Microsoft primarily promotes its subscription model 365 and also offers the Office version 2019 – companies have to dig deep into their wallets for these. But it can also be cheaper, because second-hand software is also available: Not only is Office 2019 much cheaper on the used software market, but the previous versions Office 2016 and 2013 are also still available. We’ll show you how to choose the right version for you and your company.

Software must offer all the necessary functions, fit into the existing IT landscape and, of course, should be as inexpensive as possible. This does not necessarily have to apply to the latest version. It is also worth taking a closer look at older versions. Because the best version is ultimately the one that best suits your needs and those of your company. Which Office variant is the right one can be found out in three steps:

1. Buy or subscribe? This is how you choose the right cover model

Nowadays, software can be bought, leased or subscribed to, new or used. Which type of cover is right for you depends primarily on your budget. Used software is generally cheaper than new, although the product is of the same quality. After all, a license doesn’t wear out!

On the used market you can save up to 50 percent compared to the new price.

Subscriptions also attract with low prices. However, subscriptions can turn out to be more costly for you in the long run than a purchased license. Therefore, you should ask yourself whether you can save these running costs.

2. Office 2013, 2016 or 2019? This is how you choose the right version

If you choose to purchase an Office suite once, you can choose between the 2013, 2016 and 2019 versions.

Office 2019: New functions for your company

Compared to earlier versions, Office 2019 has some improved details. These include, for example:

  • new animation types in PowerPoint
  • new charts for data analysis in Excel

You should check here carefully whether you even need the new functions and how much they are worth to you.

If you prefer Office 2019, you should also note that this version can only be permanently installed on one computer under Windows 10.

Office 2016: the first choice for many users

The system requirements for the previous version 2016, which you will still receive used, are lower. The version is much cheaper than Office 2019 and still offers you a wide range of functions that is completely sufficient for most companies. This is why the Office 2016 version is the most popular with many users.

Both Office 2016 and 2019 will be supported until at least October 14, 2025 – another reason why so many companies prefer the cheaper Office 2016.

EXTRA: Saving tip for companies: Sell used software

Office 2013: inexpensive and secure

The cheapest option is Office 2013. This version is sufficient for you and your company if you mainly use the basic functions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The IT managers in your company should make sure that all available service packs, patches and updates are installed.

This not only fixes possible compatibility problems, but also closes security gaps. Incidentally, this applies to every version of Office.

Office 2010: the clock is ticking!

If you and your company are still using Office 2010, it’s high time you upgraded. Because on October 13, 2020 Microsoft will discontinue support and updates for the version. Then real security gaps threaten.

3. Standard or Professional Plus? This is how you choose the right edition

All Office versions are offered in different editions that contain different components. “Standard” and “Professional Plus” are interesting for you:

  • The standard package already provides an extensive basic set of programs. For example, Office 2019 Standard includes Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as the publishing and layout program Publisher and access to the OneNote digital notepad. That is more than enough for most companies.
  • The “Professional Plus” edition also includes the Access database application. A Skype for Business client for video conferencing is also included. You can use this together with a corresponding server or online service. Other additional functions are, for example, the Inquire and Power Pivot for Excel add-ins.

Our conclusion: It pays to compare

It pays off for you and your company to compare all available Office options. Because thanks to the wide range on the used software market, you can find a solution that is just as cheap as it is suitable for you.


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