Heat in the office These gadgets will keep you cool

Summer in Germany can get really hot. Concentration is not that easy. Are you looking for tips on how to endure the heat in the office on summer days? Just don’t go there. If that’s not an option, here are five gadgets for you that really bring something:

Our top 5 office heat gadgets:

1. Mini fridge *

Portable mini fridge 15 liters | Price: € 99.99

There is nothing like cooling down at high temperatures. Do you think so too? Then the portable mini fridge is just right for you and your colleagues. You can store your drinks in it in summer, so that you always have a refreshing alternative to the lukewarm water dispenser in your office. This gadget is also useful in winter because it also has a heating function. In addition, you make yourself popular with your colleagues when they are allowed to store their drink in the refrigerator. This is how you become the star of the office!

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2. Reusable ice cubes *

Relaxdays ice cubes reusable, 100 pieces | Price: € 9.99

If the fridge is too much for you, but you still want a cool drink, then this is something for you: reusable ice cubes! This saves you having to fill up normal ice cube molds and you always have a cool down ready. After use, simply put the individual cubes back in the freezer. It couldn’t be easier!

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3. Mini fan *

CSL – USB table fan | Price: € 10.85

Would you like a cool wind in the heat? Then we have something for you here. This mini fan fits perfectly on your desk. You simply connect it to the USB port and this gadget will cool you down! In addition, this one is extra quiet. That’s why you don’t bother your colleagues with it – on the contrary! You will wish you had one too. Maybe that’s a cool gift idea too?

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4. Water spray *

Balea water spray Aqua for face and body 4-pack | Price: € 16.00

For refreshment in between, we recommend a water spray. Not only does it cool you, it also cares for your skin! It is also odorless: Nobody will complain about the smell like a deodorant, for example. In the value pack, you are taken care of for the time being and don’t have to worry about supplies so quickly.

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5. Climatic towel *

CLIMAtie climate towel for sweating and heat | Price: € 13.49

Cooling off to put on? This works out! With this climate towel you cool down comfortably. Fill the bag with water and place the towel on your neck. In this way, your body temperature regulates itself. The pleasant effect lasts for up to 24 hours. After using it, you can easily wash it in the washing machine and reuse it. A really cool piece of clothing!

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