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The Google Search Console is a tool developed by Google that helps website owners to monitor the performance of their website in the Google Search Index. Originally known as Google Webmaster Central and later renamed Google Webmaster Tools, this tool was finally renamed the Google Search Console in 2015 in the hopes of expanding its use.

Google states that the rebranding choice was made to show that this tool can be useful to a wide range of users, not just webmasters. The Google Search Console is meant to be useful for anyone who owns a website. Everything the original Google Webmaster Tools offered is still available in the Google Search Console. In addition, Google is constantly adding new functions to make it even easier for all website owners to improve their web presence.

What does the Google Search Console do?

Put simply, this tool allows you to see a website exactly as Google sees it. These findings provide information on the following questions:

  • Which pages were tracked on your website?
  • Which links point to them?
  • Which keywords are effective?

How does the Google Search Console work?

The goal of Google Search Console is to give website owners the ability to monitor their website’s performance in Google search results pages.

It enables website owners to view, measure, and track data.

This data shows how the SEO decisions you make affect the website’s visibility.

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Some of the data that the Google Search Console collects may include:

  • Information about how many people visit a website and how they get there
  • Whether more people are accessing the website on their mobile phones or on the desktop
  • Which pages are the most popular on the site
  • Finding and fixing website errors
  • Information about its appearance in search results
  • Accurate, up-to-date reports on search traffic, technical updates, crawl data, and keywords
  • Access to additional sources of information

Comparison of the Google Search Console with Google Analytics

But how is the Google Search Console different from Google Analytics?

Both of these free tools from Google provide data to website owners to track their website’s performance online. The Google Search Console not only shows the breakdown of the traffic, but also the traffic potential through impressions and the ranking of the website in the Google search results. If you look at the individual data that both tools provide, they differ slightly from one another. Both measure different metrics (eg “clicks” vs. “sessions”). Both provide website owners with valuable information.

Essentially, Google Analytics is used to show how users interact with a website, while the Google Search Console can provide data on how search engines interact with a website.

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How Can Google Search Console Help Businesses?

At its core, the Google Search Console is about getting data:

  • What is being recorded?
  • What is linked?
  • What helps to find a company online?

In fact, a website that is active in the Google Search Console has a better chance of being fully covered and ranking well because problems and errors can be identified by Search Console and then repaired.

The business then is to learn how to break down the data collected by the Google Search Console and then make changes to get better results on the Google search results pages.

In summary, it can be said that the Google Search Console can provide a lot of different data. Companies then need to make the most of this information and formulate a comprehensive marketing guide that takes it into account.

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