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RankBrain is new software that Google has developed to precisely display user intentions behind search queries in the search results. RankBrain is designed as artificial intelligence, ie it learns from its analyzes. With this new approach, Google has now finally overridden the old SEO strategies and measures.

RankBrain – what is it?

RankBrain is a program that was written to analyze the millions of daily searches on Google. With RankBrain

Google improves the analysis of user signals and draws conclusions from this to improve the

  • Filtering,
  • Structuring and
  • Analysis of search results.

In addition: RankBrain learns new things every day and continuously improves the knowledge that Google gains about user behavior.

When Google announced the artificial intelligence specialist (AI) and futurist Ray Kurzweil as a new team member and new Director of Engineering years ago, it wasn’t really noticed. The takeover of the AI ​​company DeepMind by Google was also noted, but not further evaluated.

Then suddenly RankBrain was there and the professional world was and is surprised. Because Google has reported that RankBrain is used as the third factor after content and backlinks in the algorithm for evaluating the quality of websites. Later it became known that RankBrain was behind previously nameless Google updates, which in May and October 2015 and in January 2016 caused numerous websites to “crash”.

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RankBrain – what are the effects of the program?

The secret Google algorithm is supposed to calculate the quality of websites from over 200 factors and place them accordingly in the search results. Top quality pages from Google’s perspective are on top. Within this rating, RankBrain now ranks third after content and backlinks. User behavior has therefore got a significant share.

From the Google guidelines for quality raters – these are employees employed by Google who check and / or create page ratings – it can be seen that Google measures content quality in five quality levels. This guideline also sets out the factors that a website must meet for “highest quality” or which downgrade it to “lowest quality”.

RankBrain now also indirectly evaluates content. It is successful when it is so useful to the user that RankBrain reports positive user signals back. Furthermore, content is rated positively if it is recommended by other websites because of its quality, i.e. if it produces high-quality backlinks.

For the operator of a website this means:

  • Move away from the previous keyword orientation and turn to thematic content.
  • Offer more comprehensive content that also inspires users in the context of the main content.
  • Answer as many questions as possible that users might ask about your content.
  • In the content, also deal with peripheral areas to your main topic in detail.
  • Ensure maximum content quality and avoid any factors that violate Google’s quality guidelines.
  • Post so many posts on a main topic that you are considered an authority on the subject.

RankBrain – the success control

You can judge what RankBrain is doing with your websites using a success control. The cheapest way to monitor success is provided by the free analysis tools from Google. Implemented in the company website, they provide a variety of statistical evaluations that can be tailored to the individual unique selling points and the associated content.

Visitor statistics

If the values ​​for page views, visitors, etc. are documented on a monthly basis, then the time series of the data results in a

Curve that shows the development of the number of visitors.

When the number of visitors drops, you should always look for the causes first and only take action once these have been clearly identified.

Search queries

With the help of the periodic search queries, you can quickly see whether the Google users are looking for and finding your websites with the unique selling propositions you want. If search queries and unique selling propositions do not match, corrections are required.

Most popular websites

These statistics show you which of your web pages visitors like and which they don’t. Here, too, content that provides information about your unique selling proposition should be popular, otherwise corrections are required.

Conversely: at the other end of this statistic you will find the websites that have never been clicked on and that you should definitely check. If you cannot improve these pages, then you should consider these pages as superfluous ballast and delete them.

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