Freeware programs to download Security Essentials LastPass 7 Zip Dropbox CCleaner

Nowadays, the performance of freeware products is very close to paid alternatives in many areas. We have combed through the huge pool of freeware products and present you our top 5.

Security solutions

In principle, you shouldn’t skimp on security. In fact, privately and as a small company, products are available free of charge that offer decent basic protection. Above all, Microsoft’s in-house security solution “Security Essentials” should be mentioned here. The use of up to 10 workstations in a small company is free of license fees.

Passwords are an annoying but necessary security precaution that is used in virtually every online service. For the sake of simplicity, many users only use a single password or a variant of it. However, this is extremely dangerous if even one of these passwords is cracked. It is safer to use fundamentally different passwords. In order to be able to manage these again easily, the use of a password tool offers itself, which in turn is very well protected. This is a good compromise between security and usability. Our favorite in this area is LastPass.


Windows now masters many packed file formats, including the popular ZIP format. But there are better, faster, and safer free alternatives. We chose 7-Zip, an all-rounder when it comes to file formats. It masters all currently used compression methods, is very fast and allows you to create encrypted archives (256-bit AES encryption), which can also be assigned a password.

In the area of ​​cloud storage, the tried and tested Dropbox is our choice. Many years of experience in this area and the support of all possible platforms and devices make Dropbox the best cloud storage in our opinion currently available.

Over time, a lot of data garbage accumulates on a computer, which not only takes up space, but also costs speed. The classic among cleaning tools, CCleaner is the tool of choice. With constant updates, a simple user interface, and thorough cleaning of all hard drive areas, it’s the most sophisticated freeware cleanup tool out there.


Good software doesn’t have to be expensive. Those who keep their eyes open in the freeware jungle will find real professional programs here and there that are free. You should always consider a test before paying for expensive licenses.

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