Facebook updates its news feed & that’s the result

The new Google update hit us on April 21, but did you know that Facebook also introduced something new on the same day? The largest social network in the world has secretly changed the algorithm of the news feed and we couldn’t even defend ourselves.

We would now like to show you what the whole thing means for you in concrete terms: As a private Facebook user, you will probably hardly notice the changes. You are most likely to notice this in your news feed, as it shows more posts and likes from your friends than activity on the pages you have liked.

The change is more serious for operators of Facebook pages, i.e. companies, musicians, entertainers, etc. For them, thanks to Facebook, it is now even more difficult than it was to reach their fans.

Max Eulenstein and Lauren Scissors write on the Facebook blog that the goal is to present users with a balanced amount of posts from their friends on the one hand and their liked pages in the news feed on the other. Three new updates will be made.

1. Multiple posts are seen

This is still the best that awaits us with the new features. Before the update, the news feed never showed two posts on the same page. Facebook has now loosened that up and shows people who don’t have as much content in their feed as multiple posts. This is particularly interesting for pages that post every hour.

2. I don’t care!

The second update is somehow understandable. In the news feed, pictures or posts that friends have liked should be displayed further down. Of course you are interested in similar things, but it is often annoying when the message “XY likes Z” is displayed all the time. Nevertheless, this is also counterproductive for fan pages, which many people simply notice through friends who have liked them. Too bad.

3. More friends, fewer fan pages

The third update has an even harsher aftertaste. The news feed should show more posts, pictures, links, etc. from friends. Fanpage posts should instead slide further down. Facebook justifies itself with the fact that you want to create a “balance” between fanpage posts and friends.

What is behind it is clear …

It is very clear what Facebook wants to achieve with these updates. Of course, private individuals are initially not affected, but it is mainly about fansite operators. The only possibility for them, if they still want to reach people, will be: boost, boost, boost! And that costs.

It can be useful to advertise your posts, but for smaller companies or, for example, musicians with a very limited budget for advertising, the whole thing looks a bit more difficult.

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