Facebook competition – with this concept to success through social media

Sweepstakes have always served to attract attention and to get in contact with potential customers in an entertaining and stimulating way, as well as to get their address data. In addition, Facebook competitions can increase the awareness of your brand or your products and at the same time enhance the image.

We will show you what you should pay attention to when implementing and promoting your competition campaign so that it is a complete success.

The occasion

An occasion can be company-related (e.g. an anniversary, a branch opening or reaching a certain number of fans on Facebook) or an external event such as Easter, Christmas, the beginning of spring or an Olympics. Come up with a motto that suits you and is interesting for your fans at the same time.

The game mechanics

Using game mechanics is the task that the visitor must complete in order to participate in the sweepstakes. You know it from TV shows, for example, when a prize question is asked and the correct answer is a condition for winning.

If you manufacture automatic garage doors, you could, for example, ask how long it takes the door to open and give two possible answers to choose from. You can also have your fans complete a slogan or ask them to tell a little story based on the motto “Why should you win the hot air balloon ride?”.

By including a question, you ensure the activation of the user and can also integrate your brand message into the game mechanics.

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The design

When designing the layouts for your campaign, the main focus is on simplicity. Write as little text as possible and summarize the information as much as possible.

Show the price directly on the first page and, if possible, on all other pages. If you use a fangate, make sure that you include a request, eg “Become a fan now to win and click like” in the immediate vicinity or with an arrow on your like button.

The choice of prices

Give away things related to your company to keep “competition hunters” away. For example one of your products or vouchers.

As a car dealer, you could, for example, raffle a long weekend in a convertible or a free inspection when the seasons change.

The form design

When selecting the form fields, decide according to the principle: “As many as necessary, as little as possible”. The less data users have to enter, the more likely they are to participate. Query the fields that you need for your marketing purposes (e.g. last name, first name, email address and possibly the postal address) and do without a lot of additional information.

Implementation as a Facebook tab

You can program the competition tab yourself (this is expensive and time-consuming) or you can use a standard solution with which you can set up a competition yourself. You can design your own competition within a few minutes. In a Facebook competition app, you can upload individual graphics and texts and integrate a form. If you cannot create the graphics and text yourself, you can hire an agency to carry out the competition.

The notice

Of course, your potential competition participants must also find out about the Facebook promotion. You can use your existing reach such as the e-mail distribution list, your Facebook chronicle, website and print media to attract competition participants. You can also place various online advertising formats.

Facebook advertising in particular is ideal for announcing your Facebook competition. To do this, you create advertisements that draw users’ attention to the competition app. A click costs around € 0.40 to € 0.60 depending on how you have selected your target group.

Legal requirements

Facebook has certain requirements for carrying out promotional campaigns on its platform. For example, they say that you can only hold raffles within a special tab and that no social functions such as comments may be used to participate. A fangate, however, is allowed. The complete guidelines are available here.

So you need a Facebook app to create a competition that complies with the Facebook guidelines for competitions, as well as the terms of use for your Facebook competition.

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