Digital customer communication How WhatsApp Business helps SMEs

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis at the latest, digital customer communication has also become indispensable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This allows companies to stay in contact with their customers despite restrictions and to continue to generate sales. It has been shown that customers particularly appreciate receiving personal advice via messenger services such as WhatsApp, which they already know from their everyday lives. In addition, WhatsApp Business offers customers and companies the opportunity to communicate securely and privately with one another.

According to a recent survey, 40 percent of the SMEs surveyed in Germany who use WhatsApp were able to increase their sales

  • 41 percent were even able to create new jobs as a result
  • 42 percent stated that they could sell their products in other cities, federal states and states with the help of WhatsApp.

This is mainly due to the fact that WhatsApp offers companies a platform that many of their customers already use privately. On the other hand, direct and personal contact via messenger services helps to make the SME approachable and trustworthy. This makes it easier for entrepreneurs to intensify the relationship with existing customers, but also to inspire new customers for themselves.

Use WhatsApp Business profitably

Numerous small and medium-sized companies use the WhatsApp Business App as a virtual shop counter. This enables them to talk to customers and coordinate sales. The app, which is tailored to the needs of SMEs, gives you helpful tools for efficient digital customer communication.

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The use of the WhatsApp Business App is worthwhile for different companies. For example, if you have only built up a digital presence in the last few weeks or want to expand your existing sales channels. It’s best to start with the following three steps:

1. Set up a business profile

Download the WhatsApp Business App and set up a profile for your company. In the profile you can store useful information such as:

  • Business description
  • opening hours
  • Address or website

2. Create QR code:

With the recently launched QR codes that you can easily create. Existing and potential customers can discover you even more easily. They are also particularly suitable for hybrid business models – you can put them on your packaging or in the shop window so that interested parties only have to scan the code to start a conversation with your company instead of entering your number.

3. Set up the catalog

The catalog serves as a mobile shop window in which you can present your products with brief descriptions and pictures. Recently, you can also easily hide products that are currently not available so that interested parties can only see what they can currently order from you. With the help of the recently introduced virtual shopping cart, customers can easily send all the products they are interested in in one message as an order to your company.

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In addition, you can use the app to set up a vacation notice and organize your chats clearly using labels. With WhatsApp Business you also have access to statistics such as the number of:

  • messages delivered
  • messages sent
  • messages read successfully

The analysis of these statistics helps to check the success of the messenger communication again and again and to adapt your own digital strategy accordingly.

This is what other small business owners from Germany say

Mikaela Ioannou, founder of the fabric atelier “Du Liebst Es”, has been relying more and more on digital communication and sales channels since the beginning of the pandemic. She has also been using WhatsApp Business since the end of 2020. She started shortly before the onset of Christmas business and today she can report:

“With WhatsApp, my customers can use a tool that they already know from their everyday lives. This makes them feel like they are communicating with someone they already know. That in turn increases sales. ”

She therefore recommends answering customer inquiries as quickly and personally as possible. With the help of welcome messages and quick replies, which can be easily set up via the WhatsApp Business app, you can ensure that your customers feel that they are in good hands at all times, even when you are not available.

“With WhatsApp, customers do not have the feeling of talking to a company, but to a friend,”

confirms Erik Reintjes, founder of MissPompadour, an online specialist retailer for high-quality paints. Since contacts of all kinds are still restricted right now, this is particularly attractive for customers.

But even in a new normal after the end of the pandemic, customers will want to fall back on what they have come to appreciate in recent months: direct contact and personal advice.

It is therefore advisable for entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves with messenger communication now – whether window shopping and subsequent ordering via WhatsApp, or ordering via WhatsApp and collection in the store, the WhatsApp Business App enables you to long-term integration into a hybrid business model.

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