Creating your own website online made easy

Would you like to create your own homepage and use it to create your first website? Nothing easier than that. With the simple tools of some website builder systems, you can create your website quickly and free of charge. For example, if you want to turn your hobby into a profession or if you want to draw attention to yourself as a freelancer, such providers will help you.

The simple modular principle

With a simple modular system, you can set up your site quickly. You simply put the prefabricated elements together and choose your desired design. Depending on the tool, the components available are slightly different and the storage space and the subdivision of your website also vary.

But it is feasible for everyone to create their first website themselves. Of course, your homepage needs enough storage space if you want to present it on the Internet. This means that your data must be stored on a server and that also needs maintenance. The website can therefore be made available to you free of charge because the paying advertising partners display advertisements. However, if you want full service, you have to pay.

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The ad-free homepage with its own domain

However, if you want an ad-free homepage with your own domain, then this is the full service. This arises because around 15 percent of all users pay and then pay for the other users as it were. The full service for your Internet presence includes an advertising-free homepage with your own domain and also a mail function. You also have a lot of storage space, support and multilingual management of your website.

The free website has a subdomain and displays advertisements. You only have limited storage space and either no or little support. In addition, you cannot use all functions. The providers also remind you if you have to pay for an update again to use all options.

Potential customers prefer ad-free websites

For example, would you like to sell a product on your website for the first time? Then opt for an ad-free and paid homepage from a provider of your choice. This can be easily created with the modular system and you are independently on the Internet without advertising.

Everyone can remember your own domain better.

With a subdomain you always have advertising attached to your internet address. If you want to market something, this is not very beneficial. The best providers of free or paid websites are easy to use. The pages are easy to maintain and you can design them individually with just a few clicks. They are also professionally usable and you can upgrade them with widgets. The modular principle allows you to easily create with the prefabricated elements.

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Simple & quick solution

With modular systems for website creation it is possible that you can create a beautiful website with just a few clicks. You can decide for yourself whether you choose the paid or the free version. You should consider the advantages of having your own domain.

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