CMS WordPress is the most popular blog software [Infographic]

The American television channel CNN, the English Forbes Magazine or the blog TechCrunch – they all have one thing in common: They use WordPress for their website.

Not without reason, because WordPress is one of the most popular and successful blog systems worldwide.

WordPress popular blog software

The blog software has existed for about ten years and is mainly used in English-speaking countries.

Nowadays, WordPress is an integral part of the world of the internet. 359 million people per month view more than 11 billion websites that are based on WordPress. More than 47 million entries and 68 million new comments are posted.

The following data shows the great popularity of the program:

There are 69 million websites worldwide that edit their platform with WordPress. There are 37 million search requests for WordPress every month and 100,000 new websites are created every day!

WordPress scores with numerous plug-ins

The content management system addresses bloggers without any prior technical knowledge as well as professionally operated, large websites. The reason for this is certainly its user-friendliness, as well as the large number of design options and also the adaptability and integration options.

Above all, the range of over 26,000 different plug-ins is another advantage for users. For example, the “All in One SEO Pack” plug-in had 15 million downloads. A summary with a list of the 30 most popular plug-ins has already been published on

The following infographic goes into more figures and data from the well-known CMS:

CMS: WordPress is the most popular blog software! [Infographic]


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