Android or iOS Which is the right choice for me

According to Statista, Android is at the top with almost 75 percent of the market share, while iOS has to be content with around 25 percent. Kai OS and other operating systems have negligible market share. What is clear is that there are Android fans and iOS fans in this world, and these people do not tend to switch to the other side. You will be told that iPhones are overpriced and are more of a status symbol than a necessity. But which operating system is really the best?

The best-selling phones of all time

When Apple introduced the first iPhone and its operating system in 2007, these devices were highly touted. In retrospect, they were far from perfect, lacking some features, but not much criticism. But if there was one thing that was criticized, it was the price. Android devices were partly available for half.

These days, high quality Android phones are also expensive.

If you look at the best-selling phones of all time, it is surpassed by the early Nokia phones. The third phone on the list is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It far surpasses any Android phone. 220 million people have bought this phone which is more than impressive. The best-selling Android phone of all time is the Samsung Galaxy S4, which has just sold 80 million times. But then there is the iPhone 5, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, of which 70 and 65 million units were sold respectively.

Looking at the operating system’s historical market share in 2009, Android lagged behind iOS, and Symbian was in the lead. IOS has seen a few minor ups and downs over the years, but has remained fairly stable overall. Just recently, the iPhone has had a few issues. But since around 2013 Android has a market share of 80 percent.

No one can deny that Apple has very devoted fans. But Android is the king of the market.

Which smartphone should I buy in 2020?

It seems that Samsung devices running Android are at the top of the list. Although some include the iPhone XS, the iPhone doesn’t even show up in many of the top ten lists right now, which is surprising. Android phones – whether Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi or One Plus – are apparently preferred to the iPhone. One reason may be that, for some people, the slim design of the iPhone just isn’t worth the price. That’s why Apple introduced the iPhone SE this year. Let’s talk about the operating system:

  • Android gives the consumer more choice. That’s why it sells better. There are so many phones out there with all sorts of features and price ranges. The number of apps available for Android is around 3 million, while for iOS it is only around 2 million. But Apple could have better quality and good performance. The App Store is easier to navigate than the Play Store. On the other hand, Google Maps is far more popular and better than Apple’s map. IPhone doesn’t have a bad battery, but you can find many Android devices that have good battery life.
  • Apple is superior when it comes to updates, security, and bug fixes, but when it comes to customization, Android has far more options than iOS. In terms of user experience, Apple again wins over Android. Which system maintains its value better? There’s only one answer to that: it’s an iPhone. The long-lasting performance of the iPhone is much better than that of the Android phones.

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Ultimately, neither of the two popular operating systems is objectively the better, it is more about the personal preferences of the respective user: If you want a large selection of devices and a high degree of adaptability, you should opt for Android. If security and simple operation are more important to you, the iPhone will be better off.

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