Alexa for Business 5 top skills for businesses


More and more people are using intelligent loudspeakers with digital voice assistants. In 2019, 15 percent of them were represented in all German households, and the trend is rising. The most popular is the artificial intelligence Amazon Alexa.

Amazon’s voice assistant can learn so-called skills. They are an extension and activate additional functions that Alexa does not use by default. The skills of the voice assistant can also make your everyday life in the company easier. We have selected five helpful Alexa skills for you:

1. Alexa Skills for Business Travel

Alexa’s use has meanwhile arrived both in local public transport and in domestic long-distance transport – for example with Deutsche Bahn. Most transport companies have an Alexa skill. Some of the transport companies themselves cooperate with Amazon, and some of them have unofficial skills. If you have a customer appointment nearby and the car journey would take up too much time, Alexa will quickly provide you with timetable information for the local public transport.

Even more distant distances on the rail are possible

If you regularly use Deutsche Bahn or need information about arriving trains, the official Alexa Skill will help you. In addition to connection queries, you can find out details such as changes, journey times and information in real time about the arrival of a train. However, there are a few downsides: You can only use the skill within Germany and neither find out prices nor book tickets.

2. Alexa Skill: Handbook for New Employees

Since last year, Amazon has been offering you the opportunity to use Alexa for Business Blueprints. There you can quickly create private Alexa skills. You simply insert your desired content into the template and you can quickly program your own skill. Among other things, the blueprints include the template: “Handbook for Employees”, which is tailored to business use. In this way, general processes or location issues can be clarified. The new employee could ask, for example: “Alexa, ask the manual how I set an invoice in SAP.”

3. Alexa Skill: Entrepreneur News

With our Alexa Skill Entrepreneur News, we make our content audible for you. You can find out more about current topics in management, marketing and business. We pack our articles for you in short and compact audio clips so that you always stay up to date in between. To start the Entrepreneur News skill, simply say: “Alexa, start Entrepreneur News.” You can also ask Alexa directly about our topics such as management or marketing.

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4. Alexa Skill: Frankfurt Stock Exchange

With this Alexa Skill you will always find out the latest share prices and index levels of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Say Alexa: “Open the Frankfurt Stock Exchange” and you will get an overview of the current market development. You can also query the course of individual companies.

Finally, it is also possible for you to create a personalized watchlist so that you are always up to date with the latest price of the listed company, security or index you want.

5. Alexa Skill: Puzzle of the Day

You can also use your voice assistant Alexa to get some variety in your everyday work. One possibility for this is the Alexa skill: “Riddle of the day”. If you call it up, Alexa will ask you a puzzle with three possible answers, the puzzles change daily. The success is visible: “Riddle of the Day” is one of the most popular skills in the Amazon Store (4 out of 5 stars from over 5,000 reviews).

Do you use Alexa skills in your company, if so which ones? Can you think of any other useful Alexa Skills for business use? Write to us in the comments and on the social networks!

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