5 reasons for an intelligent search function on your website

A pandemic for over a year, new regulations almost every day, an increase in misinformation and changing customer needs. The past year has shown us: A strong digital findability of companies and their current services and offers is more important than ever before. However, many companies are currently not complying with this – even worse, many of them are still in the early days of the Internet with their online presence: In the 90s. You may have already experienced it yourself: You call up a website, enter a search query in the search field – as you know it from Google – and receive the response “No search result was found”. Before you click your way through the website with the outdated search function for minutes,

At this moment, the company may not only lose you as a customer, but also indirectly lose revenue because you prefer the services of another company.

At the same time, the company risks that you will receive incorrect information about the brand from other sources on the Internet. The company could easily have avoided this with an intelligent search function on the website. With the help of natural language processing (NLP), a branch of artificial intelligence, this recognizes the natural language of people and understands contexts instead of looking at individual keywords. It can therefore display the information it is looking for directly.

You should therefore make sure that your company is better positioned and that your website provides direct answers instead of error messages. The following five reasons illustrate the advantages of such a website search for both the company and customers:

1. Customers receive direct answers and reliable information

Consumers are now used to search engines such as Google to receive a suitable answer to their questions within seconds. They are increasingly transferring this experience to websites. With an intelligent website search function, when asked “Which fitness studio offers yoga classes”, fitness enthusiasts not only receive a list of all available studios in the area. Websites and search engines also show you useful additional information that may also be relevant to the question asked. For example opening times and telephone number of the studio or direct call-to-actions such as the information about the trial training offered.

With direct and correct answers, you can sustainably increase the customer experience and keep searchers on your website.

2. Relief of customer service

The company also benefits from direct answers: If customers receive direct answers to their questions via the website, customer service or the responsible call center can be relieved and peak loads can be actively absorbed. This is particularly useful for frequently asked questions.

In retail, for example, you can use your website to quickly and easily answer questions such as “What shipping options are there” or “How long does shipping take?” This can then also result in a lower number of calls.

3. More time for complex customer concerns

That brings us to the next reason why companies should invest in an intelligent website search function in the future. If frequently asked questions can be answered directly via the website, employees of the service center can devote themselves to higher-quality tasks. They can then use this free capacity for more complex customer concerns. You can structure task areas more efficiently. An intelligent website with an optimized search function and competent customer service are therefore a mix to answer customer questions efficiently.

4. Reduce costs with self-service

An intelligent website search also has advantages from a financial point of view: Every call to the customer center also means costs. If questions can already be answered on the website with the help of self-service and fewer calls to customer service are received, support costs can be kept low.

5. More insights about customers and their wishes

With the precise recording of customer questions, companies get an insight into what customers are asking. An intelligent website search opens up opportunities even if the system could not answer a question. This also allows conclusions to be drawn about the interests and wishes of the searcher. Answers to previously unanswered questions can be added later. In this way you can gradually improve the search experience for customers and present it in more detail for subsequent customers.

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