5 criteria that make a really good website

How young companies present themselves online has a major impact on their external impact. For this reason, a professional website and a modern design on your own homepage are indispensable for success.

1. High usability

The best website design must be able to do a lot more than look good. Make sure that the website is mobile-optimized. This means that the navigation and the website layout not only work for users with PCs and laptops, but also for users with mobile devices. It is important that all sub-pages can be reached quickly and that new visitors can find their way around immediately.

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2. Impeccable technology

The technology must work properly so that visitors can easily access and view the content of your website. This includes short loading times as well as avoiding the classic 404 error pages. If you are overwhelmed with the programming, get professional help on board or familiarize yourself with the technical components.

3. Adapt design to target group

As a rule, you can assess which group of people belongs to your target group. If, for example, it is primarily people of an advanced age, then choose a larger font size and a particularly minimalist and clear navigation.

In general, no more than three different fonts should be used in order not to overwhelm the reader’s eye.

If especially young people or children will visit your website, make individual elements and the entire design colorful and modern.

4. Sparing use of colorful and moving elements

If you intend to use a lot of moving elements, then you should be sparing here so as not to distract from the essentials. As a rule, it is better if moving content is packaged in the form of a video, which is presented on a separate subpage.

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In general, you should avoid too many different colors or too large images if you don’t want the clarity to suffer. If you want visitors to concentrate primarily on textual content or links, then use decorative elements sparingly. When it comes to colors, too, it makes sense to limit yourself to a few basic colors. These should match the existing corporate design of your company.

5. Don’t forget SEO and added value

The following applies to both texts and images: If visitors recognize real added value behind this content, they will stay longer on the website and maybe even come back. In addition to the high-quality content, SEO criteria are also important so that your company can be found via the well-known search engines. For this purpose, you should research, select and use keywords in the appropriate place.

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The visual structure also plays a role in order to be classified as relevant by Google. The most important content must be visible when scrolling and the navigation must be clear. There should also be enough white space. The most important basic elements must also be positioned sensibly and clearly so that users can find their way around more quickly. This is not only important for real people, but also for Google and Co.

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