5 apps that simplify your business

Do you enjoy discovering new and clever ways to get things done? There are tons of apps out there designed to make life easier. These are the top 5 business apps that will make your day a little more relaxing.

1. Evernote

Keep your notes organized with Evernote. You can do your personal and business:

  • To-do lists
  • memories
  • notes

Store and share on mobile and desktop devices. Evernote is available for iOS and Android devices.

2. Genius Scan

Genius Scan is an app for iOS and Android. With this you can conveniently scan your documents by taking a photo with your mobile phone. GeniusScan then converts the photos into a scan. You can then send the scan via email from the app.

Often times you don’t have a scanner when you need one. Genius Scan definitely makes life a little easier when you’re on the go.

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3rd pocket

Do you often find that an article or blog post gets your attention and you have to stop reading before you can finish it? For example, when you start an article while waiting for your coffee or when you wait in the doctor’s office. Pocket helps:

Quickly save an article to Pocket if you can’t finish it. Then you can read it on at a later date.

4. Canva

It’s amazing how many design projects you can do in a day with Canva. Canva is super fast: from social media posts to email headers and graphics. The pre-made designs are a great jump start. You can make any design you need and it will look professional.

5. Blinkest

Blinkest is a helpful reading app. It combines non-fiction books into 15-minute articles. It’s a clever way to get new insights quickly. It’s a great way to decide whether or not to buy the book.

Stephanie Burns has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. We have translated it for you so that we can exchange ideas with our readers on relevant topics!

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