14 sites that offer absolutely free images for your website

Are you looking for free pictures for your blog, your company website or for your Facebook page? The usual stock photos are too monotonous, too expensive or the license too opaque for you?

I dug 14 pages out of my bookmarks, on which you get absolutely free pictures and photos for free use.

Free pictures? How it works? With Creative Commons Zero!

Granted, it looks a bit strange. Why should photographers give away their photos for free? On the other hand, Unternehmer.de also publishes articles completely free of charge. And this is how it works with images:

Most of the photographers in the following list publish their photos under the CC0 license or their own wording: “Do what you want” – do what you want!

Conversely, it is good advertising for the photographers or the agencies behind it, with which they show what they can do. On the other hand, the operators of the sites earn something with advertisements.

Important: Always find out about the license information before using it (I have linked it here for you). Better safe than sorry! And after all, something can always change.

1. Unsplash

Unsplash - Free HD Photos

Unsplash publishes 10 new high resolution photos every 10 days under the CC0 license. Unsplash is especially popular with WordPress theme developers. More information about the license is available at https://unsplash.com/license.

2. Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos

@estrattonbailey and @wearesculpt publish CC0 photos here, which are primarily intended for startups, bloggers & Co., as the motifs also go in this direction. More about the license

3. stocksnap.io

stocksnap.io beautiful free stock photos with CC0 license

This site offers high resolution photos with CC0 license. This means that you can copy, edit and use all the images available there – even for commercial use. You can find license information at https://stocksnap.io/license.

4. Negative space

Negative Space - free stock photos with no copyright

Here you will find 20 new photos with a CC0 license every week. It is interesting that you can sort according to the space for text (middle, left, right) in addition to category and color. For the license this way.

5. Picjumbo

Picjumbo - completely free photos for commercial / personal work

Picjumbo regularly delivers new, varied photos for free use. The license agreement is hidden at https://picjumbo.com/faq-and-terms/.

6. Gratisography & Tinyography

Gratisography - high-resolution images for free use

Every week there are new, sometimes very unusual HD photos by Ryan McGuire for free use (CC0 license). Mobile photos can be found on Tinyography. License information ».

7. Life of Pix

Life of Pix - free stock photography

Every week, high-resolution photos from the Leeroy advertising agency and their network of photographers are made available here. The license notice can be found in the large, turquoise box on each page.

8. Public Domain Archives

Free public domain archive

Here you will also find new public domain images (CC0) every week. Conditions for use can be found under Terms & Conditions.

9. Snapwire snaps

Snapwire snaps

Under the motto “7 free, beautiful photos every 7 days”, Snapwire – an image database that is actually paid for – offers Snapwire Snaps images for free use on their Tumblr blog (CC0 license).

10. Jay mantri

Jay mantri free photos

This is another Tumblr blog with great, high-resolution “Do Anything (CC0)” photos.

11. Pexels

Pexels Free Stock Photos

With 10 new high-quality images every day, Pexels – with currently over 3500 photos – is reminiscent of a “Creative Commons Zero” version from Fotolia. You can find the photo license here.

12. Skitter Photo

Skitterphoto - Free CC0 Stock Images

There are wonderful recordings here, which are available as .RAW files on request. These comfort over the somewhat complicated page navigation. To the license information »

13th floor up

Stockup CC0 Stock Photo Search

The special thing about Stock Up: Similar to flight comparison sites, Stock Up searches other websites for CC0 images and lists them – very practical!

14. Pic wizard

These are not photos with a CC0 license, but free licensing. The photos are still subject to copyright, but can be used absolutely free of charge.

Those were my bookmarks. Do you have any other sources for free images and / or useful things? Write it in the comments under the article!


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