11 essential WordPress plugins for your blog

WordPress is (rightly) the most popular content management system for websites and blogs. One of the most important arguments in favor of WordPress are the countless plugins with which you can easily expand and optimize your website without having any programming knowledge.

There is a suitable plugin for almost every function that you can add to your website with just a few clicks. Plugins can help you ensure important functions of your blog so that you have more time to create content and communicate with your readers.

But remember: less is more! Too many plugins can slow down the loading time of your website, block each other or even create a security hole for your website.

The following selection of plugins supports the performance of your site and helps you with SEO optimization as well as with marketing and social media integration. Because all of these factors have a major impact on the ranking and visibility of your website.

We checked the plugins ourselves and selected them as a good solution from among many alternatives, because these plugins already offer a multitude of valuable functions in the free free version. According to the developer, all of the eleven plugins listed are GDPR-compliant or can be used in accordance with GDPR.

1. Charging time and performance: Autooptimize

Search engines prefer websites that offer visitors a good user experience. This includes a fast loading time and good page performance. The Autooptimize plugin cleans your blog of redundant, unnecessary and superfluous data. It regularly empties your trash, minimizes your database tables and cleans up old post revisions and unapproved comments.

If no unnecessary data accumulates on your website, your blog will run faster and thus ensure a better user experience.

  • Autooptimize also helps you to make your blog GDPR compliant by removing Google Fonts and Emojis.
  • Free (Premium from € 149)

More information about Autooptimize


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