10 must-have gadgets against office frustration and boredom

What was the meaning of (working) life again? Boredom, listlessness, annoying colleagues or a bad-tempered boss make some working days a real challenge. A few fun office gadgets can help and ensure more fun and variety at work! We have put together the top 10 helpers against office frustration of all kinds:


1. Distribute high fives

With a nice compliment from your colleague, the day looks a lot better! Why not just hand out a high five card? Regardless of whether to say “please”, knowing an answer or simply because you made it out of bed today. There are many reasons to motivate colleagues with a high five card!

2. Exercise

Anyone can put paper in the garbage can! The basketball hoop for the waste paper basket makes garbage disposal a real highlight in the office. If the throw at the trash can ends with a hit from the basketball hoop, loud cheers are triggered. So why not turn the workplace into a sports event and be celebrated for a hit?

3. Solve problems with a smile

Paper jam in the printer or the PC that has hung up again? Small problems can cause unnecessary frustration in the office. It is all the more important to reward yourself after solving these little problems! Simply hit the easy button, smile away from your frustration and be confirmed: That was easy!

4. Motivate the whole office

Especially when the phone rings incessantly or the copier goes crazy again, a gadget that brings you relaxed through the working day is exactly the right thing. Amusing stress-killer sayings and wisdom, packed in a decorative assembly book, cheer up the frustrated entrepreneur immediately – and his colleagues too. Also: Aren’t employees who counteract everyday stress incredibly popular?

5. The slightly different pencil

When there is more to be done, it is important not to lose the fun at work. In a free minute you can have a little fun with your colleagues. Simply cock the ballpoint slingshot and aim a paper ball at an object – it will surely not only amuse the aiming person.

6. The eye-catcher in the office

The office toaster is perfect for making a real impression in the office. With it, everything is always tidy and ready to hand! Two memo pads serve as toast, paper clips adhere to the magnetic surface, a sharpener is integrated and should the cell phone battery run out: simply plug the cell phone into the slot in the toaster. Your colleagues will surely envy you for this eye-catcher!

7. Flower power

Who doesn’t seem familiar: The sun is shining outside, you wish you could enjoy the weather, but you’re still stuck in the office. A little look at a nice gadget next to the PC can immediately improve the mood: a flower that dances in the sun! The good mood flower moves back and forth in daylight with the help of a built-in solar cell and thus not only serves as a nice decoration, but also puts a smile on your face.

8. Conquer boredom

A problem that comes up again and again: There is simply nothing to do in the office today and the end of the working day is far from in sight. The “coloring book for everyone who is bored in the office” makes this kind of office frustration disappear in no time at all. No matter whether it’s a little game, coloring or brain teaser – the book saves the mood and long working days suddenly seem short. Also perfect as a gift for bored colleagues!

9. Need a decision-making aid?

Lots of work to do, but no plan when? The headache is over, because there is also a fun office gadget for solving this problem: the “When?” Cube makes the decision easier! Just roll the dice and let him decide whether the job will be done immediately, tomorrow or at some point.

10. Just hit it

After giving the hundredth detailed explanation on the phone, a customer still hasn’t understood what to do? Does your colleague have the annoying habit of always taking the last of the coffee without making a new one? You’d love to just explode and vent your anger.

The anti-stress doll, which makes noises when you hit it, offers a different kind of stress relief. With such adversities in the office, just live out your frustration with the doll and let it make you laugh too!

Goodbye work stress!

With the help of these office gags, there is still room for fun and variety in addition to the normal work stress. So everyone can spice up the dreary working day with funny gadgets!


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